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July/August 2007  •  Volume 3, Number 4
From the Editor
Extending the Caregiver's Reach (PDF, 139 KB, 3 pages)
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD  •  p. 6
Feature Articles
Creating Whole-person Wellness (PDF, 287 KB, 5 pages)
Learn how to adopt a culture of wellness to help residents attain positive outcomes across many areas of their lives. This model of behavioral change is based on process and intentional outcomes
Jan Montague, MGS and Barbara Frank, MSW   •  p. 14
Biometrics as an Assistive Technology (PDF, 117 KB, 2 pages)
Biometrics is the one form of identification a user cannot leave home without, providing aging individuals and AL facilities an unmatched level of convenience and security.
Judith Katz   •  p. 22
Beam Me Inside, Scotty! (PDF, 282 KB, 4 pages)
Think of the Jetson's Rosie, Luke Skywalker's R2D2, or Lost in Space's Robot. Add 21st-century technology, put these robots inside AL facilities, and they enable remote visits by healthcare providers and a new way to interact with staff, residents, and families.
Stephen F. Winner   •  p. 24
Facility-based Physicians in LTC: A Win-Win Model (PDF, 182KB, 3 pages)
By working inside LTC facilities, physicians provide greater resident care, reduce transfers to emergency departments, improve staff relationships, and increase resident and family satisfaction. Plus they limit their own need to establish costly private offices.
Marcia Naveh   •  p. 28
The ABC's of Implementing EMRs (PDF, 283 KB, 2 pages)
Before investing in costly equipment for electronic medical records, take an inventory of your needs, prepare staff, nvestigate available hardware and software, and discuss options with vendors. This preparation will save you money and time in the long run.
Carmen Zirbel, RN, BSN   •  p. 31
I Forgot Some Real Good Stuff
(PDF, 127 KB, 2 pages)
“Writing allows me to return to the thoughts and feelings erased by Dr. Alzheimer,” muses Richard Taylor, PhD.“Writing allows me to compare the‘myself ’ of today to the ‘myself ’ of yesterday, to last month’s ‘myself.’”
Richard Taylor, PhD   •  p. 46
Clinical Practice Guidelines: Guidelines for Pharmacist Counseling of Geriatric Patients Guidelines of the American Society of Consultant Pharmcists  •   p. 11
Suggesteed Reources  •  p. 33
The Interdisciplinary Team:  •  p. 37
Experts’ Roundtable  •  p. 40
Legal Corner  •  p. 40
Test Your Knowledge  •  p. 44
Facts and Quick Stats  •  p. 48
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