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May/June 2007  •  Volume 3, Number 3
From the Editor
Form Directing Function (PDF, 622 KB, 3 pages)
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD  •  p. 8
Feature Articles
Ambulatory Geriatric Clinical Care and Services (PDF, 183KB, 2 pages)
American Geriatrics Society (AGS) Position Statement
American Geriatrics Society   •  p. 15
Match Protection Technology to Facility and Resident Needs
(PDF, 356 KB, 3 pages)
Computer-driven systems allow the flexibilty to tailor protection to each resident's individual needs.
Steven Elder   •  p. 18
Creating Community Through Design (PDF, 316 KB, 2 pages)
Jeffrey nAnderzhon, chair of the American Institute for Architecture's Design for Aging program, discusses designelements that bring a needed sense of community to assisted living.
Jeffrey W. Anderzhon, AIA   •  p. 21
Resident and Staff Influence on Facility Redesign (PDF, 454 KB, 2 pages)
After extensive research, a Williamsville, NY facility incorporates dramatic design changes in a renovation that results in improved luxury, service, and quality of care.
Nektaria Hamister   •  p. 23
Design in Action: The Village at Waveny Care Center(PDF, 716 KB, 2 pages)
Featured is the AIA's Merit Award Winner for quality deisng in an AL facility.
Jeffrey W. Anderzhon, AIA   •  p. 25
AIA Designs for Aging Knowledge Community (PDF, 430 KB, 3 pages)
The Design for Aging Knowledge Community (DFAKC) arhitects focus on improving quality of built environments for an aging society.
Jeffrey W. Anderzhon, AIA   •  p. 27
Learning from Post-occupancy Evaluations (PDF, 373 KB, 2 pages)
Post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) help to inform future designs that are healthier, more effective in their purpose, and more aesthetically pleasing.
Jeffrey W. Anderzhon, AIA   •  p. 30
Leveraging Technology for Medication Administration Accuracy (PDF, 221 KB, 2 page)
Electronic medication management systems can reduce or eliminate paper records, improve accuracy and efficiency, and bring the possibility of error- and omission-free MARs closer to reality.
Rohan Coelho   •  p. 32
Sing Along with Alzheimer's
Psychologist Richard Taylor, author of Alzheimer's Disease from the Inside Out, will provide a diary of his impressions, struggles, and conquests. Watch for updates in future issues of ALC.
Richard Taylor   •  p. 45
Clinical Practice Guidelines: Prevention of Healthcare-associated Infection in Primary and
Community Care
 •   p. 12
Case Study:Optimal Transition to the Emergency Department  •  p. 15
Legal Corner: Overcaution in Emergencies Risks Wide-ranging Costs  •  p. 42
Experts’ Roundtable  •  p. 37
Suggested Resources: AL Coursework and Other Resources  •  p. 34
Facts and Quick Stats  •  p. 48
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