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January/February 2006  •  Volume 2, Number 1
From the Editor
Clinical Marketing (PDF, 318K)
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD  •  p. 6
Feature Articles
Emergency Preparedness: More Preparation Now, Less Heartache Later (PDF, 275K)
Ann Byerly  •  p. 7
Disparity in Assisted Living: An Honest Self-Assessment (PDF, 257K)
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD  •  p. 14
Keeping Colds and the Flu from Sidelining Residents and Staff: Part 1
(PDF, 302K)
Joanne Kaldy  •  p. 17
Medication Management: A Study in Error Reduction and Cost Savings (PDF, 261K)
Joanne Kaldy  •  p. 23
AMDA Clinical Practice Guideline: Managing Common Infections (PDF, 279K)
American Medical Directors Association  •  p. 26
Legal Corner: Doctors’ Orders: What Prescribers Need to Know about Medication Access Under Part D  •  p. 34
The Interdisciplinary Team: The Role of the Physician Assistant in AL  •  p. 37
Calendar of Events  •  p. 40
Q&A  •  p. 41
Facts and Quick Stats  •  p. 43
Suggested Resources  •  p. 44
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